A B O U T   U S

  • Entraide Française is a non-for-profit corporation registered with the Charities Bureau of New York as a 501(c) 3 organization since 1961.
  • We are an independent, not-for-profit organization, assisting people living in the tri -states area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut), with the steadfast goal of ensuring local, personal contact.
  • We are recognized as a charitable organization by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • We are run by a committee of Directors, out of which 4 members are executive committee. All of them are volunteers.
H O N O R A R Y   M E M B E R
  • Anne -Claire LEGENDRE – Consul General of France in New York
  • Bertrand LORTHOLARY – Former Consul General of France in New York

B O A R D   O F   D I R E C T O R S

  • Michèle Altier
  • Dr. Sylvie Epelbaum
  • Marguerite Mangin
  • Dr. Nicole Moulin
  • Antoine Treuille
  • Gilles de Vignemont

E X E C U T I V E   C O M M I T T E E

  • President, Dr. Sylvie Epelbaum
  • Vice president, Gilles de Vignemont
  • Treasurer, Nicolas Pignot


Helene Tacquart, Julien Dupas

ATLAN Julie, BELAN Guillaum,BIRKELAND Laetitia, BLONDIAUX Manuéla, BOIS Christelle, BONNAFOUS Jacqueline, BRUN Florence, BUISSON Alexis, CHALAMET Marc, CURIEN Patrice, DADOUN Pascal, DE KYSTPOTTER Helene, DUPAS Julien, FOREST Xavier, GIACONE Albane, GUEGAN Cecile, JULIEN-LAFERRIERE Louis, LECAT Kathie, LE NENA Arthur, LEON Beatrice, NEIDECKER Laurianne, ROUSSEAU Pollyanna, SATRE Marie Christine, SATRE Yasmina, TACQUAR Helene, DE VIGNEMONT Clemence, DE VIGNEMONT Gilles, ZACCATORIOTTO Yann

J U N I O R   V O L U N T E E R S

F O R M E R  P R E S I D E N T S  A N D  V I C E  P R E S I D E N T S

  • Dr. Gérard Epelbaum
  • Jean-Jacques de Saint Andrieu

F O R M E R   V O L U N T E E R S

HOCHE Sarah, PALLIER Alix, BERGUE Diana, BOISMAIN Maria, DUPONT Béatrice, GALIANA Pauline, GALTON Simone, HUGONNET Romain, LALEUF Catherine, MANEUVRIER Karine, WAQUET Lucile.

O U R   O F F I C I A L   P A R T N E R S

Consulate General of France in New York
934 Fifth Avenue (corner of 75th Street), New York, NY 10021
tel. 212- 606-3600, Fax. 212 606-3620

Social Service of the Consulate
Helene Ringot, Deputy Consul, Social Affairs, 10 East 74th Street, New York, NY10021,
tel. 212-606-3602  social@consulfrance-newyork.org
Weekend and holiday emergency number: 1- 212-606-3667 – 212 606 3669

Social Service is open to the public every morning Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. They provide information on scholarships and retirement. They intervene on behalf of ex-servicemen, disabled persons, French citizens who are incarcerated, and provide assistance to French citizens experiencing social difficulties.

Honorary Consul Hartford, Connecticut
Mme Isabel Evelein, 15 Lexington Road, West Hartford CT 06762,
tel. 860 233-0110, consulhonorairefrance.hartford@gmail.com

Honorary Consul Princeton, New Jersey
Mme Anne de Broca-Hoppenot, 120 Bouvant Drive , Princeton NJ 08540 ,
tel. 609-430-8471, consulehonoraireprinceton@gmail.com

Honorary Consul Buffalo, New York
M. Pascal Soares, 32 Admiral Road Buffalo, NY 14216,
tel. 716 903-7441 fax. 716 853-6927 pascalsoar@aol.com

Pascal Soares, Consul Honoraire, assure une permanence consulaire mensuelle à la Maison Francaise de Rochester 4245 East Avenue Rochester NY, 14618-0900
Mobile de Pascal Soares : 716 903-7441
Phone Maison française : 585-389-4637

Honorary Consul Bermuda Island
Mme Nicole Haziza, Consul, Richmond House, 12 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 08, Bermudes.
tel. (1) 441 777 5557, france@logic.bm

A copy of our financial statement may be obtained directly from Entraide Française or from the Office of the Attorney General, NY State Department of Law, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271.

En aucun cas l’Entraide Française et ses membres volontaires ne pourront être tenus responsables de quelque conséquence que ce soit dans l’évolution de toute situation exposée. Toute personne s’adressant à l’Entraide Française pour assistance est parfaitement au courant de cette décharge de responsabilité.